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How to Write Short Wish Messages and Sayings for Wedding, Birthday and Other Different Life Occasions

Life events like birthdays take place less often and others like weddings take place once in a lifespan. People thus commit towards enjoying the events to the best of their knowledge. Since they cannot make happy moments on their own, they invite friends to celebrate with them. Apart from giving presents, friends write wish messages which can be in form of cards, text messages, and others. Choosing the right words for short wish messages and sayings for a wedding, birthday and other different life occasions can be quite a task but you can use the below guidelines.

You should put your relationship with the recipient into consideration. In order to have the right words of a wish message, you should consider the duration of your relationship with the recipient and how much you know each. The words you write to a family member may be much deeper than those written to friends. People you have known for long durations share many memories and you can include one in the text. However, you may need to be a bit reserved when writing wish messages to people you have related for a short time.

You should check the personality of the person receiving the message. Various people have various personalities that make their tastes and preferences differ. Your intention for composing wish messages is not to cause hurt to someone and being informed of their personalities helps much in writing the correct message. In case the recipient is not outgoing, the wish message you write should be as formal as possible. However, if the person is carefree, you do not have to be tensed about the proper wording since anything can almost apply for them.

You should look into their religious affiliations. People find wish messages with reference to their faith inspiring but writing a message that opposes the faith of an individual hurts. You, therefore, need to be conversant with what the faith of the recipient is and the level to which they are committed to their faith. It may not be necessary to write a wish message connoting the faith of people with a low commitment to what they believe in.

You should check whether you will be available for the occasion. You are most likely to have the urge of writing a wish message because the individual involved took their time to invite you to their occasions. They eagerly wait for you to attend and they will not take lightly your failure to attend. Writing a wish message including a phrase showing you longed to be with them like ‘wish I could be there’ will help the person know you are thinking of them on their special day. You should, however, keep off from writing the reasons why you could not make to attend on the card.

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